Marisa Brancaccio, our Deputy Clinical Manager, joins the Florence Nightingale Foundation Green Healthcare Leadership Programme

We are delighted to announce that Marisa Brancaccio, our Deputy Clinical Manager has been accepted onto the Florence Nightingale Foundation Green Healthcare Leadership Programme.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation Green Healthcare Leadership Programme is available to 20 Registered Nurses working in the Independent Healthcare Sector.

The programme aims to empower nurses to be leadership role models and sustainability advocates. It looks at how nurses can lead and implement sustainable healthcare in their practice.

We spoke to Marisa about her healthcare background, why she wanted to join the Florence Nightingale Programme, and what she is most looking forward to about the programme.

Can you tell us a bit about your career background in healthcare?

“I have been in healthcare for 7 years. I was working in the East Surrey hospital in an Acute Respiratory Unit and after that I was given the opportunity to complete a three-month secondment as Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist and Research Nurse at St Thomas Hospital.

“I then moved to Remeo for progression where I completed the High Dependency Respiratory Course. During the course I realised that I really enjoyed the management side of nursing, so I applied for my role now which is Deputy Clinical Manager which I started in December 2022.

“Since then, I have undertaken a few other roles including being the Practice Assessor for the students at Remeo. Then the Florence Nightingale Leadership Programme came up.”

How do you feel about getting a place on the programme?

“It’s exciting. I’m feeling privileged because over 100 people were interviewed for a place on the programme and I’m very happy that I was chosen.

“I’ve now completed my first 2 days on the programme which took place in Cornwall. I’m inspired because over the 2 days I met so many people who were passionate about sustainability. It was nice to meet people all over England with the same passion – it was quite beautiful. It felt like a family.”

Why did you want to join the programme?

“I’ve always been interested in sustainability. Recycling in particular is a huge passion of mine, and I really value the importance of it.

“I come from Italy and recycling is a big thing in the city where I’m from. You can get fined quite a lot if you don’t recycle. When I came to England I had the same mindset as in Italy, and I made sure I continued to recycle.

“I think that recycling is such a simple gesture that makes such a huge difference; it’s easy and it doesn’t cost us anything.

“I’d like to implement the things I learn on the programme into my role at Remeo, for example, making sure we have more recycling bins on the unit.

“At Remeo we now have a sustainability team, so they are making some changes as well. The whole unit is moving in the right direction when it comes to sustainability.

“Also, throughout my career I’d never done a leadership or management programme. The Florence Nightingale Programme is a leadership programme, as well as a sustainability programme, so I thought this could be a good improvement for me; to gain real skills that I can then use and implement.”

What are you most looking forward to about the programme?

“I’m looking forward to learning more, to implementing the skills I learn into my role, and to improving my career even further. I’m curious about the new approach that I will bring because the programme is about sustainability, leadership and management together. I’m expecting to learn a lot of things and I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

What do you hope to gain out of the programme?

“I want to progress in my career and to learn about how I can become a better leader. The first 2 days of the programme were focused on knowing our staff more, and knowing the people we are leading better. Having skilled teachers to guide you, and being surrounded by other people with the same pathway as yourself, is very important.

“I believe the programme will teach me the next steps in my career.”

For more information on the Florence Nightingale Foundation Green Healthcare Leadership Programme follow the link below: